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Personal and Spiritual Growth

I learned of Kathy and of her practice through a close friend who received amazing personal benefits and insight from her sessions with Kathy. My first session I went out of an openness and curiosity. When I left our appointment, I was energized, relaxed and spiritually and mentally lifted. I couldn't wait until our next session!  Kathy is a skilled, intuitive, and natural energy healing practitioner. She puts you at ease with her warmth, humor and training. She zeroed in on very specific issues in my life that needed to be addressed. I recommend making an appointment with Kathy and being open to receiving the knowledge and blessings that you will receive!!
West Chester, PA


Life Decisions and Being your Best Self

For the past year I have been trying to decide on making a major career change. The indecision was causing an unhealthy mental and physical state for me and I could not move forward. Once I started working with Kathy, I gained clarity on what I needed to do. With that came a sense of peace that I needed. Now I can focus on other health issues such as fatigue and weight issues and I will continue to work with Kathy as she uses her healing abilities in order for me to be my best self. She is a true professional that brings both peace and comfort and I always feel lighter after seeing her.
West Chester, PA


Business Coaching

Career Transition: After spending years as in one profession, I wanted to make the leap as an entrepreneur. However, after 5 years of false starts, I felt lost and without a sense of purpose. By working with Kathy, I have made progress with healing and building confidence to move into my business. I have become more grounded and able to attract clients for my work. In addition, I've also been able to move through with more ease and less resistance. I'm thankful to Kathy for supporting me as I move into my new, professional, and personal path.
Philadelphia, PA