Holistic Intuitive Energy Practitioner


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What this world needs is a new wave of energy - the energy of kindness and compassion cultivated by a loving heart.

Improve Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Kathy Giles works with the Universal Life Force Energy, along with crystal, sound and aromatherapy healing to give you a unique and customized healing experience. The goal of every session is to help you reach your highest potential by empowering the mind, reviving the body and uplifting the spirit, thus aiding you in rediscovering your authentic self. Kathy delivers an empathetic, supportive environment for your healing and transformational coaching sessions.

Removing the Blocks to Self-love

Sessions are calming for you as Kathy is a conduit for healing. Kathy is attuned with the ability to channel the Universal Life Force Energy from her hands to you using light or no touch. Down to the smallest particles of your being, you are held together by energy. Kathy "sees" and removes the blocks in the energy field that surrounds your physical body, thus inviting the body to heal in its own natural way. Blocks may be genetic, past life, old DNA blockage, spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. The Energy Healing session is generally nonphysical but may include light touch and is a calm and a relaxing environment for you. It's great for relieving stress, restoring balance, achieving optimal wellness, awakening consciousness and much more. Many clients say the immediate results resemble the feeling of just having gotten a massage.

Energy Healing at Your Convenience

Kathy's sessions are conducted in person or remotely by phone. Kathy is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Sessions can last up to an hour, and are $100 each.