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We create self-love and joy!

What Happens in an Energy Healing Session

Kathy uses Intuitive Energy Healing to assist you in first helping you in accessing the blocks in your life that can lead to imbalances in your body, mind and spirit. Kathy finds the congestion in the energetic field that surrounds your physical body. Kathy removes those blocks energetically and provides you with holistic healing so you can rediscover your natural, enthusiastic self. That is what makes her sessions different from other healing modalities.



Crystals, Essential Oils, Sound Healing may be used in a Healing Session

How It Works

Kathy Giles finds areas of healing needed by accessing your energy field and is led to the areas in need of healing by accessing her intuitive guidance. She then clears those blockages in your energy field to restore you to your natural state of love and joy. She may use aromatherapy, crystals, essential oils or sound healing to aid in your healing. A Healing Session can help you relax, giving you the sensation of a massage without any physical contact


Please note that the healing sessions described on this website are not intended as a form of replacement for conventional or psychological services. They can work extremely well along with any conventional/psychological services. If you have any preexisting medical or psychological conditions, or are under treatment of any kind, please consult with your practitioner(s) before considering this type of work.